Free Firmware for I1 and P3

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Free Firmware for I1 and P3

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Its simple, download the firmware file, rename it, copy to sd card, put into aircraft and power it on.

Detailed steps:

1. Download the proper file for your aircraft and firmware version. Choose wisely. ->
The file you are downloading is the 306.bin file, like P3X_FW_V01.11.0020_m0306.bin_MODDED
2. Rename the downloaded file.
Phantom 3 = PMCAPPFw3.bin
Inspire 1 = INMCAPPFw1.bin
3. Copy the file to your SD card. Put SD card into the aircraft.
4. Power on the aircraft. Update will start in about 30 seconds. You will hear a distinct noise during the update process, which will change when done. It should take 3-5 minutes.
** If the update does not start, please turn off aircraft. Press and hold the bind button, and turn back on. Hold this button for 20-30 seconds and the update will start and will make a beeping noise, then you can let go and let the update finish.

5. When update is done, power off the aicraft. Remove the SD card from the camera and back into the computer
6. Remove/ Delete the "PMCAPPFw3.bin_updated" or "INMCAPPFw1.bin_updated" file from the SD card Note: If the file is "PMCAPPFw3.bin_damaged" or "INMCAPPFw1.bin_damaged" the update did not complete, retry it.
7. Put Sd card back in the camera

All done! On your next startup, the modifications will persist on the aircraft. They will remain until you reflash the stock firmware.


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